Elden Ring players reflect on their weird, wonderful, and most naked invasions

Elden Ring players are reflecting on their most memorable invasions.

Earlier this week, an Elden Ring subreddit user (opens in new tab) sent out a PSA, ranting against invading players getting in the way of progress by demanding an honorable duel. Thousands of other users responded to the original post, not joining in on those would-be duelists, but actually reflecting on the weirdest and most wonderful invasions they themselves have had from opposing players.

For example, one player highlighted (opens in new tab) their encounter with a naked opponent who drank the Explosive Physick potion and ran straight for them in a suicidal attack. Some users (opens in new tab) revealed that they’d invade another player, only to sit back and watch their every mistake, judging them by getting inside their head. That’s one pretty insidious tactic.

On the other hand, you get instances like the user just below, where a foe actually invades their game of Elden Ring, but instead of attacking, they escort them through a whole area or dungeon, showcasing all the tricks and traps as they go. This is actually a weird staple of FromSoftware games, and would-be enemies have been guiding players through levels for years.

It’s a brilliant excuse to round up and reflect on some of the more bizarre occurrences in Elden Ring’s community over the last month or so. It’s fair to say that FromSoftware’s latest is quite possibly its most varied game to date, and so players have plenty of tools at their disposal for making their opponent’s lives a misery.

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