Elden Ring player discovers the name of Radahns poor horse

An Elden Ring player has discovered General Radahn’s poor steed is called Leonard.

Last week, an Elden Ring player delved into the new game’s files and discovered a curious fact about General Radahn. It turns out that, when exploring files relating to the towering Radahn’s AI, the player found reference to something called “Leonard,” which can only be the comically small horse Radahn rides around on during the boss fight.

Spoilers for a boss in Elden Ring—I’m digging into NPC AI scripts for the reference names and I found out Radahn’s AI is called RadarnAndLeonard. His poor, tiny horse is named Leonard.March 7, 2022

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This finally gives an actual identity to the noble mount that we’ve seen struggling under the weight of General Radahn so many times. The horse became a bit of a laughing stock when players first began to reach the fight with Starscourge Radahn, but now at least we can finally put a name to the poor thing.

Another interesting detail about Radahn is that he has a longer history with Leonard the horse than you might think. In-game lore reveals that Radahn started to learn gravity-based magic when he reached a certain size, due to the fact that he couldn’t physically ride the horse anymore. Through learning gravity magic, Radahn was able to keep Leonard as his mount, and the two now wander the Wailing Dunes together, happily ever after.

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