EAs “indie” bundle goes live on Steam

In a bid for coolness as obvious as your grandpops showing up at a party, bragging about how much he loves LMFAO and tweeting on his Instagrams, EA announced today that they’rereleasing an “Indie Bundle”.

Nevermind the fact that EA is the second largest publisher in the entire gaming industry, and that the moniker “indie” refers to games developed largely without publishers. The six games on EA’s list are dubbed indie because they were made by outside developers, technically “independent companies” even if the games themselves are decidedly not indie.

The games in question are Gatling Gears, Deathspank, Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue, Warp, and Shank 1 & 2, were all published by EA. Altogether the games would normally cost about $70, but the sale brings them down 70% to $20.98.

So what if Grandpop’s a little crazy? He gives us good deals on his (mostly) good games. Just humor him for a while.

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