E3 2011: Hole in the Wall moving slowly, threateningly toward the Kinect

Microsoft has confirmed the arrival of Hole in the Wall for the Kinect, a video game adaptation of the Japan-born game show wherein players must bend themselves into various shapes in order to pass through an approaching wall or risk being knocked into a pool of water, thus shaming themselves and their family namesake for generations to come. Let the contorting begin!

Arriving for the Xbox Live Arcade later this year, Hole in the Wall will allow up to four players to partake in the body shaping fun at once. It will include a survival mode, as well as the opportunity to winbrandedXbox Live Avatar gear including Hold in the Wall costumes, virtual protective gear and promotional duds.

Hole in the Wall (aka Human Tetris) is a game show concept which started in Japan as Brain Wall on the show Minasan no okage deshita back in 2006, and has since been adapted in various forms in over 40 countries. A large part of its popularity is owed to YouTube, which introduced Brain Wall to the non-Japanese populace with hilarious clips like this:

June 9, 2011

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