Duncan Jones talks Wolverine

Duncan Jones spoke of his fondness for X-Man Wolverine at this weekend’s Kapow! Comic Con in London.

Since it was announced that Darren Aronofsky would no longer be directing Origins sequel The Wolverine , many possible replacements have been mooted, with Jones a firm fan favourite.

Speaking to IGN, Jones said that the success of his latest, Source Code , had led to him being asked “to take a few meetings about some of the more studio films.”

When he was then asked what he thought of the ‘character’ Wolverine, Jones replied with a grin: “I think he’s a great character, and I don’t want to go on dangerous ground here, but I’d say he’s more interesting to me than Batman.

“I think they’ve made a very successful run of films with that and I think a good Wolverine film could be an amazing thing.

“He’s got a sense of humor and he’s gruff. And he’s kind of pissed off at everyone. I like that.”

After making the transition from Moon to Source Code look like a cakewalk, he could surely handle the step-up to a summer tentpole.

After Aronofsky’s departure, we really want to see another unique, visionary director take the reins, rather than a cookie-cutter action helmer. Wolvie was sold short on his previous solo outing; it’d be such a waste if it happened again.

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