Dragon Age 4 characters will “have more personality than they have ever had in the past”

Dragon Age 4 characters will “have more personality than they have ever had in the past,” according to a recent BioWare blog post (opens in new tab)

The latest BioWare Community Update seeks to “pull back the curtain for a more transparent look into the process of making the games you love” and focuses on the current work on Dragon Age 4. Featuring game director Corrine Busche, production director Mac Walters, production development director Benoit Houle, creative director John Epler, and tech director Maciej Kurowski, the blog gives us a little peek at what we can expect from the highly anticipated game. 

Kurowski goes into detail about what’s going on under the hood, stressing that Dragon Age 4’s tech principles include “having the right tools that best fit our games” and minimizing friction by ensuring tools are easy to use and help devs be as creative as possible. 

“We are always learning and pushing ourselves, and with every game we get better. But we can always improve,” Kurowski says. “I can’t wait to talk more about some of the interesting things we have done on the tech side for Dragon Age. We take characters very seriously and do a lot of work to give them more personality than they have ever had in the past. I can’t say more yet, but we will over time!”

Fans of the Dragon Age franchise will be ecstatic to hear that the next game’s characters will be even bigger, well, characters. The franchise is famous for its iconic cast, from a storytelling dwarf with a penchant for troublemaking, Varric Tethras, to the ever-polarizing big bad elf, Solas. The impressive depth of Dragon Age’s characters and the player’s ability to build relationships with so many of them is a huge part of what makes the series so beloved, and the promise that Dragon Age 4 will offer even richer characterization is tantalizing. 

The rest of the blog has precious few details in it, save for the team agreeing the Dragon Age community has “something special about it” and the promise that Dragon Age 4 is “shaping up to be something amazing.” Optimistic vagaries aside, Dragon Age fans can take this little nugget of character knowledge and cradle it lovingly until the next tidbit of information, I’m sure.

This article was originally published in May 2022. In June 2022, BioWare announced that the official Dragon Age 4 title will be Dragon Age: Dreadwolf (opens in new tab).

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