Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark gets a full-length trailer

We first saw a pant-spoiling teaser for Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark almost a year ago, and now a full trailer has arrived.

Guillermo del Toro is producing the flick, which is directed by comic-book artist Troy Nixey (making his feature debut).

The trailer is atmospheric as hell, favouring old-fashioned, slow-burn dread over cheap shocks and flashy editing.

The cinematography looks beautiful too, if you can bear to peak out from behind your hands…

A remake of a 1973 TV movie, Don’t… sees young Sally (Bailee Madison) move into her father’s house, which has some rather unsettling demons in residence.

Guy Pearce plays the disconcerted dad, and Katie Holmes takes a shot at resurrecting her film career as his girlfriend.

Check out the trailer below:

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark arrives in cinemas on 12 August 2011.

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