Doctor Who Series 7 – Ben Browder To Guest Star

The Farscape actor will appear in a Wild West episode written by Toby Whithouse

Usually we’d add news of Doctor Who series 7 guest stars to our ever expanding Doctor Who series 7 accumulator , but today’s news is so exciting we felt only its own story could do it justice.

According to this month’s Doctor Who Magazine (via ) Farscape ’s John Crichton, Ben Browder will appear in the third episode of the series. An episode written by Toby Whithouse and set in the Wild West! Too. Much. Excitement.

The issue also says that Saul Metzstein ( Micro Men , Upstairs Downstairs ) will be directing the episode, that episode two has been written by Chris Chibnall and that the second block of filming will cover two episodes written by Steven Moffat and directed by Nick Hurran.

Browder, of course is best known from his time on the superb Farscape , as well as a lengthy stint on Stargate SG-1 . Most recently he popped up in an episode of the fifth season of Chuck , much to the surprise of SFX as he was one of the few guest stars we hadn’t heard would be appearing on Chuck months in advance. With any luck this means he’ll be the next Mark Sheppard (or is that spot already taken by Aaron Ashmore (opens in new tab) ?) and will be appearing in sci-fi shows galore.

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