Destiny gets new PlayStation-exclusive gear and mission in April 12 update

Destiny (opens in new tab)’s big 2.2.0 update has a remixed Prison of Elders (opens in new tab) and a revised Infusion system (opens in new tab) for all, but it has even more goodies just for PlayStation players. The full suite of PlayStation-exclusive stuff coming to Destiny was laid bare on the PlayStation Blog (opens in new tab) today, including a new mission, weapons, gear, and even a swanky Sparrow.

First up is the new exotic sniper rifle, Zen Meteor (opens in new tab), which PlayStation first teased a few days ago. Its Dynamite perk gives it explosive rounds an extra powerful shot for pulling off rapid kills, and With A Laser Beam makes that shot cause a massive explosion. That’s right, it’s not just an explosive sniper rifle, it’s also a “Killer Queen” reference. It will be added to the usual Exotic pool for decrypting purposes.

PlayStation players will be able to take on the Essence of Darkness quest, which appears to take place in and around the Court of Oryx on the Dreadnaught. You’ll even get the special Velumbra Sparrow for completing the quest. It has one of those slick SRL racing frames and a white, blue, and gold color scheme, but no word on its native speed.

Each class of Guardian will also get access to a new set of armor which – and this is just a suggestion – would match your Velumbra perfectly. Titans get Jovian Guard, Hunters get Long Tomorrow 9G, and Warlocks get the Barkhan Dune I set, and they’ll all be available solely through Sublime Engrams.

If this PlayStation-exclusive content follows the usual scheme, it will remain the sole dominion of the Sony Squad for a year.

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