DC delays Milestones Black History month special to June

Update: DC has informed comic book shops that the planned Black History Month special Milestones in History has been delayed.

Originally announced to go on sale on February 15 as the centerpiece of DC’s Black History Month 2022 publishing line-up, Milestones in History has been postponed to June 14.

DC hasn’t specified why the book – which will be published in conjunction with Milestone Media – has been delayed, but it has re-opened the order window for retailers the book’s print run is set. The deadline is now May 15.

Original story follows…

DC has revealed details on Milestone Media’s 2022 Black History Month anthology announced back during the 2021 DC Fandome. Milestone Media will veer away from superhero fiction for true-life stories of real-life Black heroes from human history for the 96-page anthology graphic novel Milestones in History.

There will be stories about real-life historical icons including:

  • Hannibal, the Carthagian general who fought the Roman Republic
  • The mythical/historical Queen of Sheba
  • Alexande Dumas, the writer of The Count of Monte Cristo and the The Musketeers
  • Eugene Bullard, a World War One fighter pilot who was an American but served for France

DC says the writers of Milestones in History will include Reginald Hudlin, Alice Randall, Touré, and Michael Harriott. The publisher says more writers, as well as the artists, will be named at a later date.

And although Milestones in History is non-fiction, there’s still room for Milestone’s heroes – Static, Icon, Rocket, Hardware, and more will act as narrators of these true stories of world history.

For February 2022’s Black History Month, DC also has planned the massive 1300-page MIlestone Compedium One (opens in new tab), a collected edition of the recent Static: Season One (opens in new tab), as well as a series of Black History Month-themed variant covers across the entire DC comics line.

This follows a similar female-centric anthology DC published in 2021, Wonderful Women of the World (opens in new tab) – retelling stories of real-life women but themed around Wonder Woman. Could this be the start of an informal series of non-fiction anthology graphic novels with its superheroes as the narrators?  We’d love to read a true crime history anthology narrated by Batman.

Doug Braithwaite will draw the main cover to Milestones in History, with a variant cover planned by Chriscross.

DC/Milestone Media’s MIlestones in History goes on sale on February 15, 2022.

These Black superheroes changed the face of comic books. 

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