DC cancels Teen Titans Academy after first year

It appears that DC’s Teen Titans Academy is closing up after just one school year. 

Teen Titans Academy writer Tim Sheridan has announced that the series will be ending in May after 15 issues. The writer revealed the news in response to a fan question about upcoming storylines.

Teen Titans Academy #14 cover

Teen Titans Academy #14 cover (Image credit: DC)

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“Alas, I’m afraid there won’t be time for any further story arcs, as DC has planned for Titans Academy to end with issue 15 in May,” Sheridan tweets (opens in new tab). “But thanks for asking and for reading!!”

The penultimate issue, April’s Teen Titans Academy #14, was solicited as a “fresh start” with the in-story school being redubbed simply ‘Titans Academy’, with no ‘Teen’ notation at all.

Back in August, Sheridan told Newsarama said the book was successful and DC was cultivating it.

Teen Titans Academy #12 cover

Teen Titans Academy #12 cover (Image credit: DC)

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“DC has been nothing but supportive,” Sheridan said. “We had a lot of success right out the gate and then we’ve had some surprise successes (like the Yearbook Annual (opens in new tab) that was a huge digital hit.)”

Sheridan said his original plans for Teen Titans Academy would end with #12, and planned on leaving the series but DC convinced him to stay on longer.

As for the mystery of who is Red X, Sheridan says that the mask will come off in February 22’s Teen Titans Academy #12.

Sheridan will be keeping busy as the co-writer of the upcoming Flashpoint Beyond event alongside Geoff Johns and Jeremy Adams, and the Teen Titans might be just the team needed after the ‘Death of the Justice League’ in April’s Justice League #75.

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