Dane DeHaan on shortlist to play Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The casting continues for upcoming super-sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 , with Harry Osborn the latest character to become attached to a new face.

According to Heat Vision , Chronicle star Dane DeHaan is currently at the top of Sony’s list to play Peter’s best friend, although Alden Ehrenreich and Brady Corbet have also been highlighted as possible candidates.

The role itself is also thought to be something of a work in progress. Having originally been written for a bigger, more athletic actor, the part has now been retooled into something a little darker and a little less wholesome.

DeHaan showed he can go plenty dark with his performance in Chronicle , so it’s understandable that he should head up Sony’s list. It would be a huge opportunity for the young actor, so providing his schedule isn’t a problem, we’d be surprised If he didn’t take it.

Directed by Marc Webb and co-starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and (supposedly) Jamie Foxx (yet to officially confirm the Electro rumours), The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will open in the UK on 18 April 2014.

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