Battlefield 3: Aftermath trailer confirms release date, crossbows, new Scavenger mode

EA has released a trailer for Battlefield 3: Aftermath, the latest upcoming DLC for the military shooter. The new pack drops players into a post-earthquake Tehran. Aftermath will introduce crossbows (crossbows are so hot right now) and ‘Scavenger’ mode, which throws lost soldiers into the fray with a knife, a single grenade, and a sidearm, forcing them to improve their chances of survival/winning by scavenging the environment (which, judging by the trailer, looks susceptible to aftershocks) for better weapons. Aftermath will also include four new maps.

Check the trailer:

Aftermath has a bunch of various release dates, but if you’ve got Battlefield 3 Premium for PS3, then you’ll be getting it first. Here’s the confirmed release date schedule:

PlayStation 3 Premium members: November 27
Xbox 360 and PC Premium members: December 4
PlayStation 3 players: December 11
Xbox 360 and PC players: December 18

As well as being included as part of Battlefield 3: Premium, Aftermath will be available separately for $14.99 (UK price tbc).

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