As Thor: Love and Thunder approaches, Marvels Avengers is reportedly adding Jane Fosters Thor

Jane Foster is reportedly coming to Marvel’s Avengers as a playable hero.

That’s according to reputable leaker Miller (opens in new tab), who previously (and credibly) suggested that She-Hulk was next in line for Crystal Dynamics’ superhero brawler. In a recent Twitter thread, they claimed that She-Hulk was delayed to ensure her release lines up more closely with the launch of the She-Hulk Disney Plus series, and that Jane Foster, positioned as something of an echo fighter for Thor, is coming next to fill the gap created by She-Hulk’s delay. 

Miller didn’t go into detail on Jane Foster’s alleged abilities, but did imply that her kit will feel very similar to Thor’s. However, they also claim that there are fewer similarities between Hulk and She-Hulk, citing “the great work the team have done on her” and stressing that the game will also receive more original characters in the semi-near future. 

Like She-Hulk, Jane Foster’s Marvel’s Avengers debut has reportedly been constructed alongside another Marvel property, namely Thor: Love and Thunder, which is set to debut this July. Assuming this leak is accurate, it’s unclear how closely Jane Foster’s in-game appearance will follow or precede the film. 

Crystal Dynamics recently delayed Marvel’s Avengers update 2.3 for an unspecified amount of time to “ensure our new tuning and mission on-boarding are ready-to-go,” so the immediate future of the game in general is also in flux.  

How did Jane Foster become Thor in the Marvel comic books? One of the essential stories behind Thor: Love and Thunder goes back 60 years. 

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