Andrew Garfield reveals what his return as Spider-Man would need

Andrew Garfield has talked about what he’d need from a potential Spider-Man return. 

Garfield reprised his role of Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home opposite Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland’s versions of the character, after repeatedly denying he’d be appearing. Since his return to the part, fans have been calling for an Amazing Spider-Man 3 – and the actor has talked about the conditions he has to play the webslinger again.

“In terms of moving forward with the character, yes, I am definitely open to that, and again, it would have to be something very unique, very special, and of service to an audience, of service to the character,” Garfield told the Happy Sad Confused (opens in new tab) podcast. “I think there’s something playful and unique and odd and unexpected to be done. I’m not sure what that is, but if we can figure that out, that would be so much fun.”

He added: “And also I would love to continue working with Tobey and with Tom. That three brother dynamic is so juicy… I’m going to just honestly say, I’m so happy and satisfied and grateful to be a part of this, that it’s hard to want more right now. I’m really just trying to savor this moment with the fans and with the audience, and just say thank you. I feel very, very humbled and grateful for the response.”

It remains to be seen if Garfield will ever return to the character, with nothing confirmed just yet. As for the other two Spideys, fans have launched a Snyder Cut-style campaign to make Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4, and Holland may or may not be starring in another trilogy.

If you’re all caught up on No Way Home, check out our ultimate guide to Marvel Phase 4 for everything else the MCU has in store for us.

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