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Spider-Man is pretty amazing. He swings around the city saving countless citizens from monsters, robots and the frequent purse snatcher. An important part of what makes him so amazing, are his costumes, of course. Whether it’s his classic red and blues, the dark symbiote or a suit from another dimension, Spider-Man always looks good while fighting crime. In this guide we will show you how to make your virtual Spider-Man look just the way you want him to, by showing you the locations of all available costumes in the game. Some require you to hunt them down, others will simply show up along the way. Let’s swing on over to the next page and get started!

Note: There are various time locked items in the game when this article published. The Party Hat along with five costumes can only be accessed by manipulating your time and date settings. In order to do this, make sure you are disconnected from the Internet. Go into the system settings for the console of your choice and alter the time and date to December of 2012 or any date after. Make sure you remain offline and load up the game. Now when playing you will be able to unlock the Party Hat, along with the five other costumes. After unlocking any of these, you can then go online again and you will not lose access to them. But if you are playing after December 2012, you don’t have to worry about the time lock.

Default Suit

This one is pretty straight forward. The only reason I mention it, is that it has two variations that you might not notice right away. There is the belted version, which has a small utility belt or there’s the suit minus the belt. It is a small difference but one worth noting.

Party Hat 

Not so much a suit as it is an accessory, this one is a little tricky. It is a timed unlock item that will not be available until after Spider-Man’s 50th birthday in August. However, if you are playing this before August and don’t wish to wait, you can gain access early. Refer to the note on page one and change your consoles time settings to August 31, 2012. After doing so, simply go to your in-game apartment and you will find the Party Hat.

Cross Species Suit

Less suit, more mutation, this one is unlocked by beating the game. Any difficulty will do it and upon loading back into the apartment you’ll find it waiting in your closet.

Black Suit

This suit is unlocked by completing 100 percent of the game. That means all photos, all side missions, all collectibles must be done. After doing so this will unlock for you back in the apartment. This suit is the more classic comic version of the symbiote suit.

Classic Black Suit

The symbol to unlock this costume is found within the small park along the bottom left of the map. Enter the gazebo and look up to see it waiting there. Take a picture and you will unlock this outfit back in the apartment. Although labeled as the classic, this suit is more reminiscent of the Spider-Man 3 suit, not that of the comics. Note that you can only access this by changing your time setting as mentioned on page one. Also you will need to have progressed beyond chapter 3 in the main game to unlock the camera.

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