50 Greatest Movie Posters Of 2011

Red Sonja

The Poster: Starring Rose McGowan as the titular redhead sitting atop a mountain of grinning skulls. What’s not to love?

Coolest Detail: It’s for a film that will never even get made (at least probably not with McGowan), making it something of a rarity.


The Poster: Seth Rogen’s face says it all as Joseph Gordon-Levitt takes a razor to his hair.

Coolest Detail: Gordon-Levitt, one of the coolest actors working today.

Green Hornet

The Poster: Simple but effective, as Britt (Seth Rogen) and Kato (Jay Chou) circle the Black Beauty.

Coolest Detail: The car’s headlights, which are somehow creating the image of a hornet.

Drive Angry 3D

The Poster: Subtle as a bullet in the forehead, but so’s the film, as Nic Cage looks moody and Amber Heard looks sexy. And moody.

Coolest Detail: Cage is driving a car that’s on fire .

The Adjustment Bureau

The Poster: Matt Damon and Emily Blunt get dressed up to the nines and then sprint across rooftops. As you do.

Coolest Detail: The looming, portentous shadows on the buildings. These two are gonna find it hard to hide around here.

Friends With Benefits

The Poster: Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis show off their great chemistry. And amazing skin.

Coolest Detail: It took us a couple of looks before we realised that Timberlake and Kunis are doing something really rude with their hands.

Arthur Christmas

The Poster: A cheeky one sheet that plays along with the film’s notion that there’s nothing at the North Pole whatsoever. Except, you know, thousands of elves and the Claus family.

Coolest Detail: The hi-tech Christmas tree logo. Very cutting edge.


The Poster: Sweeping, bronzed, ornate, beautiful. And that’s just Henry Cavill.

Coolest Detail: Just about everyone from the film is featured here somewhere. (Yes, you really have to look closely.)


The Poster: So grungy it looks like it’s been folded up in a box in the garage for the past 30 years. Which is exactly why we love it.

Coolest Detail: JGL’s profile. The fag smoke. Those lightning letters. Amazing.


The Poster: A spare, bleached poster that only needs Saoirse Ronan wielding a bow to grab our attention.

Coolest Detail: The title fontface. Unconventional and delicious.

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