30 Minutes Or Less gets a new red band trailer

30 minutes or less

Jesse Eisenberg’s 30 Minutes Or Less , which sees the actor re-team with Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer, has been given its first full trailer.

And quid’s in, because it’s a red band trailer to boot! Except don’t expect the kind of profanity-stuffed, nudity-lathered free for all that the likes of Friends With Benefits have championed.

Instead, this trailer uses the age limit to throw in a few swears words while concentrating on telling us the plot of the film. Which is actually sort of revolutionary.

Said plot follows Eisenberg’s Nick, a pizza delivery guy who’s kidnapped by criminal masterminds and forced to rob a bank.

In order to help him, Nick drafts in buddy Chet (Aziz Ansari), and comes face-to-face with the police, hired assassins and flamethrowers…

Check out the trailer below:

Echoing Pineapple Express with its bromantic action drama leanings, 30 Minutes Or Less looks to be a hoot thanks to the chemistry between Eisenberg and Ansari.

And with Fleischer behind the wheel, the visuals are suitably stylish. The only sticking point for viewers could be Danny McBride, who again appears to be playing the same foul-mouthed, booming-voiced dummy he always does.

30 Minutes Or Less opens 7 October.

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