15 One Season Blunders

You can find plenty of features on the ’net championing shows that ended too soon. But here are 15 telefantasy travesties that couldn’t be off our screen soon enough

15 Blade The Series (2006)

Number of episodes: 12

What was it? Spike TV’s attempt to bring the Blade franchise to TV.

Why did it suck? Two words – Sticky Fingaz (or Kirk Jones, as his mother knew him). To be fair, the show itself wasn’t all that bad, a kind of embryonic True Blood with its vampire politics and kinkiness. But we really, truly couldn’t have stuck another season of Fingaz’s plank-like interpretation of Blade. It’s not like he’s a character who requires significant acting talent (Wesley Snipes managed okay for three films) but Fingaz was in a class all of his own when it came to acting, and even in that class he was forced to sit in a corner with a dunce’s hat on. He couldn’t even perform the stunts with any elegance. The writers seemed aware of this gaping great vacuum at the heart of the show and gave him less and less to do as the series wore on; in some episodes he was barely on screen for more than a couple of minutes. The only way we would have liked to have seen this series live on is if the producers had done a Blake’s Seven and carried on without their lead character.


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