15 amazing photos of Microsofts Don Mattrick never changing his facial expression

If you’ve ever seen Microsoft’s Don Mattrick present the Xbox press conference at E3, you’ll know that he’s possibly the smiliest man in the games industry. Seriously, if he knows there’s a camera around, he’s smiling. There may be an obvious reason for it, there may not, but boy does he look happy at all times. He’s a trooper. His face must be in agony.

Honestly. Don Mattric never changes facial expression. I spent hours the other day trying to find a picture in which is isn’t smiling, and I honestly couldn’t. So instead I’ve collated 15 different same-faced photos to prove my findings.

Above: Oh hey guys!

Above: My name’s Don, and I just really enjoy smiling on photos

Above: I discovered a while ago that my favourite smile is the vague, slightly vacant smile

Above: And now I do it in every photo, even ones where I weirdly look a bit older than usual

Above: And ones where I’m a bit blurry! No siree, I don’t mind those at all!

Above: I really like radio-mics. They always make me do that smile. Whether I’m being photographed or not

Above: God, sometimes just THINKING about radio-mics makes me break out into a GREAT BIG VACANT GRIN!

Above: I also really like smiling with my hands on my hips, as you can see from these last two photos

Above: But I can’t keep my hands on my hips all the time. Boy, it sure is tiring. But I always have enough energy to keep smiling vaguely, so that’s okay

Above: I can even do it from slightly different angles. Though sometimes that makes me a little more self conscious and I get to looking a little awkward

Above: Haha, yeah, you’re right! That last angle was a good one, wasn’t it?

Above: Aha! I can do the smile at different distances too!

Above: Aw, big groups of people do make me smile

Above: Hyuk! Sometimes meeting famous people makes me so excited that I almost change my facial expression! But I don’t

Above: LOL! Hold up guys! It’s not true! I didn’t!

Above: But it’s not all smiling. Sometimes, when I’m alone, I like to smoulder

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