10 Ways To End A Show

With Smallville ending this Friday after 10 years, Jayne Nelson looks at the ways some other shows have called it a day

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All good things must come to an end and TV shows are no exception, including Smallville . Yes, after 10 years it was beginning to look like this show about the “early years of Superman” was going to carry on until his zimmer frame years. But no, the final curtain for Smallville falls this Friday in the States. How should it end? We’ve taken a look at how some other telefantasy shows have called it a day to look for clues. Whether they’ve had time to prepare beforehand or were axed unexpectedly, that final hour of telly is always going to be interesting. We take a look at the best and worst of these final destinations…


10 A Massacre!

If your show’s going to end, why not go out with a bloody big bang – emphasis on the “bloody”? Simply kill off your beloved characters (bonus points if they die in slo-mo), then sit back and watch the fans freak out!

Blake’s 7 was never more exciting than when, after a plethora of hilarious slo-mo deaths (finally after four series the Federation could shoot straight), the screen went dark and we heard all those gunshots – see the clip above. The heroic gang of do-gooders on Angel had already lost Wesley and were clearly about to be polished off (by a dragon, no less!) at the end of “Not Fade Away”.* Xena was even beheaded in the final episode of her show, much to everybody’s surprise – things don’t get more attention-grabbing than that!

What better way to break the hearts of a loyal audience, eh? Not to mention ensuring your show lives on forever in infamy…

*We’ll overlook the fact they lived on in the comics, seeing as we didn’t know that at the time the episode aired. As far as we were concerned, they were all doomed…


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